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Ethnic Thinspiration Asian, African, Latino, Eastern European, etc.

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Welcome to eTHINic
A community where images of thin, Ethnic women are posted regularly to inspire women of any size & race to continue exercising, dieting, or whatever they do to reach and maintain their goal weights and levels of fitness.

  1. Every post must contain an image.
  2. All images must be of an ethnic person, with your ideal body. No body is ever too thin or too thick, but please use common sense. This -is- a community for images of thin people. Any posts with images of overweight women or men will be deleted after a warning.
  3. Only -one- image can be outside of an LJ-cut. If you don't know what that is, please read livejournal's FAQ to find out.
  4. No images over 530 pixels wide outside of an LJ-cut.
  5. Limit posts to 20 images or less. If you would like to post more images, please use thumbnails, or provide text links.
  6. Please, make all posts friends-only.
  7. Please, treat the other members with respect, as I'm sure that's how you would like to be treated.

    If you have any questions, please contact the creator/moderator: eggvip